Monday, April 1, 2013

Review: Eno Double Hammock

eno hammock

There's nothing like a hammock for an afternoon snooze in the outdoors, and Eno offers a line of high-quality hammocks to suit this purpose. We tested their double hammock, so named because it is designed to accommodate two people.

The fabric consists of 100% nylon, and the hammock appears to be very well made and strong. The weight capacity is rated at 400 pounds, and in my experience, it does handle the weight of two normal sized adults quite well. It's machine washable too, making it easy to clean.

At each end of the hammock are two metal, carabiner-style clips, but there are no ropes or straps included. You must provide these yourself. While I do have lots of rope on hand, I decided to use straps instead since they are kinder to the trees. So, I wandered over to the rock climbing section at REI and got 30 feet of webbing for this purpose.  I cut it in half so I'd have 15 feet to work with on either end. By tying some simple loops at each end of the straps, it's pretty easy to rig it up. The length can be adjusted depending on the number of times you wrap it around the trunk. A narrower trunk gives you much more flexibility in getting the right length.

eno hammock

The hammock packs down small into an attached stuff sack, which doubles as a handy pocket when hung. This brings it to a manageable size for packing, and it weighs in at 22oz. However, the addition of the straps adds some bulk and 15oz of weight.

eno hammock

While it is possible to fit two people in this hammock, it's a bit awkward when lying together lengthwise. I would say it's a bit too cramped for comfort. Therefore, we took to sitting crosswise with our feet dangling over the edge. I didn't much care for using it as a solo hammock either. With all the extra fabric, you really disappear into it when sitting lengthwise, which is not ideal if you want to take in the view. You can work around this by scootching up towards one end, but it still feels too big for one.

eno hammock

Also, this hammock is not ideal for use in hot weather. The fabric really wraps around you and doesn't allow for much airflow. On hot days, I was wishing for a woven net hammock. Conversely, the Eno provides little to no insulation in cold weather. In this case you need a thermal pad below you and some sort of insulating cover on top. The final downside is the price. $70 seems pretty steep.

While this hammock is nice to have around camp, I think I'd go with two single hammocks if I could do it over again, preferably at a lower price point.


  1. Prime Garden 9' Double Hammock with Stand from Bizarkdeal

    When I revived my new hammock, I knew instantly that I HAD to write a review. I had to tell the world just how amazing it is. It's not only gorgeous but so extremely comfortable and durable. It help my friend and I with ease. The ropes are strong and sturdy and all of the hardware was well made and flawless.

    The bed measures 78 x 54 inches with a total length of 118 inches. It can hold two adults very comfortably. It even included a carrying case. The material of the hammock is so soft and so extremely relaxing to lay in and watch the kids plan and get a nice sun tan. It's top quality when it comes to durability and comfort. Overall, I HIGHLY recommend this hammock to anyone who needs a little relaxation and getaway in their own backyard. Not to mention it just looks awesome in your yard! It really is so comfortable, almost like floating in a cloud. Great hammock!!!!

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