Friday, August 9, 2013

Trail Angel

green vw van

One of the great things about bicycle touring is the friendly people you meet along the way. One such person is Paul, whom we met on the approach to Monterey. As a young man, Paul had toured on bikes extensively. Throughout those years, he benefited from the kindly acts of strangers who had offered him a meal or a place to stay. Now, in his golden years, Paul wants to pass that kindness on to others. He took inspiration from the "trail angels" of the Appalachian Trail, who assist weary hikers with refreshments and other gifts. So, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, he parks his green VW van along the coast bicycle route, and offers snacks and local info to passing cyclists. We were directed to his oasis with a handmade sign placed by the road, and he even provided a homemade rack for visitors to park their bikes. After a nice conversation and a snack attack, we rolled on, and Paul went back to reading his book, to pass the time until the next cyclists to showed up.

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