Thursday, October 31, 2013

Back Rack Light Hacks

A rear rack is a great place to mount a bicycle light. In this location, a light is well positioned and not likely to be obstructed. Some racks are designed with a mounting plate for this very purpose, such as this Racktime rack.

racktime light mount

Unfortunately, not all racks are so accommodating. In such cases, one must get a little creative. This old Blackburn rack had no mounting points at all for a light. So I attached a Planet Bike taillight bracket using two small hose clamps, available at any hardware store. The attachment is very solid and does the job well.

light mount hack

I got the idea for the next modification from a customer review on Amazon, of all places. This method necessitates a rack with a top platform. The trick is to attach the light's seatpost bracket to a wooden dowel. I sawed off the end of an old broom handle, and drilled a hole into one end. I then drilled a hole at the rear end of the rack platform, then attached the dowel to the underside of the platform with a single wood screw. Here again, the mount is solid and works quite well.

light mount hack

There are probably numerous other ways to attach a light to a rear rack. A visit to the local hardware store would probably inspire all kinds of ideas.