Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Review: Banjo Brothers Grocery Panniers

banjo brothers grocery pannier

A rear rack and a set of panniers can transform a bike into a capable grocery getter. Just about any pannier will serve this purpose, but since I bike to the market on a weekly basis, I was on the lookout for some panniers that were designed specifically to haul groceries. I chose the Banjo Brothers Grocery Panniers because they appeared to be durable without being too spendy. They are sold individually at a retail price of $40, but I picked up a pair on sale.

Construction basically consists of a sturdy nylon bag around a metal frame, with a velcro pocket on the side. (A canvas version is also available.) These panniers appear to be very durable, and after one year of use, they show no signs of wear. They are rectangular in shape, and are designed to fit a standard grocery bag, but I always bring them into the store and use them on their own. They are mounted with a standard hook and bungee system, and are easy to install and remove. The bungee connects to the bottom of the rack with a triangular ring, so if your rack doesn't have an open hook on it, you will need to install the included hooks.

pannier hook

There is no top cover, so I have to be mindful not to pile stuff too high above the top of the bags. This has not been a problem for me, but for those who desire a cover, Banjo Brothers also offers the Market Pannier. One complaint I do have has to do with the handles. They are rather short, so carrying a full bag with both handles in one hand can be difficult. I often end up carrying them by just one handle which makes them hang at an angle so that things might fall out, and it's probably not ideal to put all the weight of the bag and its contents on just one handle. At the same time, I understand you probably wouldn't want long handles dangling down by your wheels when they are mounted on the bike. Heel strike is not an issue for me, but I use these panniers on an old mountain bike which has long chainstays.

banjo brothers grocery panniers

When I'm not hauling stuff, these panniers fold up and out of the way, which is a nice feature, although they utilize two snaps each to achieve this, which can be a little tedious. Minor nitpicks aside, I am satisfied with these panniers. They are purely utilitarian and serve utilitarian purposes. Most importantly, they seem built to last, so I don't foresee myself investing in another pair anytime soon.

banjo brothers grocery pannier


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