Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Review: Lezyne Steel Floor Drive Pump

A floor pump is something I did without for a long time, settling instead for my hand pump whenever necessary. This worked out fine, but once I invested in a floor pump, there was no going back. So, when my old Topeak finally broke after ten years of service, I knew I would have to get a replacement. As it happened, I was in a local bike shop about a week prior and had noticed a few Lezyne pumps on the sales floor. At the time, I was impressed with their design and quality. So, I made my way back to the shop to satisfy my floor pump withdrawal.

lezyne floor pump

The Steel Floor Drive is one of several pumps that Lezyne produces. All of them appear to be of good quality, with differences in features, size, materials, and price. At $60 retail, the Steel Drive falls in the middle of the price range. The construction appears simple yet durable, just the way I like it, and its steel barrel and wooden handle give it a nice look and feel. The pump action is smooth and precise, and the solid construction makes it feel very stable while pumping. The pressure gauge is attached to the base. It's easy to read and maxes out at 160psi.

lezyne pump gauge

lezyne pump chuck

The valve chuck can accommodate Presta or Schrader valves, but the process of flipping it over and attaching it to the tire valve involves a lot of screwing and unscrewing, as demonstrated in Lezyne's video below. Another feature is a small button which allows you to release the pressure from the hose. In the case of a Presta valve, this makes removal from the valve stem easier. In the case of a Schrader valve, however, pushing this button releases air from the tire at a pretty fast rate, so you have to be careful not to press it as you are removing the chuck from the valve stem. I'm not sure how necessary this feature is, but in the interest of simplicity and fewer moving parts, I would prefer not to have it.

Fortunately, there are a few options available for those who don't want to futz around with such things. One is the Speed Chuck, which attaches to the original chuck and slips onto a Presta valve. If you want a fast, dedicated Presta pump, you can remove the original chuck and replace it with the Slip Chuck. The third option is the new Dual Valve Head which keeps both Presta and Schrader attachments at the ready and secures to the valve stem with a locking lever. How's that for options?

The only thing I really didn't like about this pump was the ridiculously large STEEL FLOOR DRIVE logo on the barrel, as seen below. Why they would want to besmirch such a nice looking pump with this monstrosity is beyond my comprehension. Fortunately, the sticker was fairly easy to remove, and some Goo Gone took care of the sticky residue. The pump now looks as it does in the top photo. Much better, wouldn't you say?

lezyne floor pump

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