Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Wald Hacks

A Wald basket is a low-cost accessory for your bike that is eminently useful for stuff-carrying, and while it's a great addition as-is, it can be improved with some easy modifications. I started with the mounting. The trick is to get the basket as low and as close to the bars as possible. This puts the center of gravity in the most desirable position. Unfortunately, some Wald baskets ship with stays that have only one mounting hole which places the basket too high and too far forward on many bikes, that is, if you want a level basket. Fortunately, the metal is pretty pliable, so I was able to shorten the stays without much trouble. I basically drilled new holes with a cordless drill, sawed off the excess, and filed down the sharp bits. The result is a nice, level basket, low and close.

wald 137 basket

Once I'm underway, I like my stuff to stay in the basket. So, I added a small bungee net to the top. I was a little worried about casual theft of the net if I left it on the bike, but then I saw a simple tip on the Rivendell Bikes website which solved that problem. I've zip-tied the net to the back of the basket and left two hooks to attach up front. The zip-ties hold the net securely to the basket, but it's still easily opened and closed via the hooks up front.

Finally, I was looking for a good headlight mounting solution. The basket's top brackets take away the obvious light mounting positions on the handlebar, and it's often blocked anyway if I have stuff piled in the basket, so I wanted to put a light out in front somehow. I came up with this simple solution:

wald basket light mount

This is basically a wooden dowel and two wood screws. I cut the dowel to size, drilled holes in each end, drilled holes through the tops of the basket stays, and attached the dowel with wood screws. I wrapped the dowel in black tape to camouflage it a bit, but this step is optional. The mod also serves as a cross-brace, so the basket is more stable overall. I was a bit worried that the dowel would not allow the stays to spread apart far enough for wheel removal, but they still swing out easily enough to clear the hub axle.

These simple and cheap mods have taken my humble Wald basket to a new level of sweetness.

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