Monday, December 22, 2014

A ride through the cemetary on a foggy morning

cemetary bike fog

This was an inaugural ride of sorts. In the search for the perfect bike fit, I made some more changes to the Cross Check. The 60cm frame was good, but I had a feeling the 62cm might be even better. I was able to land a new frame at a discount, so I moved forward with the conversion. Another fit mod was the handlebar. I was happy with the shape and rise of the VO Milan bars, but I wished for them to be just a bit wider. So, I searched for a bar that was close in shape to the Milan, but in a width of around 600mm. I think there may be only one bar that fits this description, and it's called the Ahearne/MAP Handlebar. The right bar depends a lot upon the individual rider, but for me, the 615mm Ahearne/MAP might be the perfect handlebar. I rounded out this rebuild with a set of stronger wheels for touring and bike camping activities. The result is the best bike fit I have ever had. I think I have finally nailed it.

cemetary bike fog


  1. Crap I accidentally removed my comment. My question was, is the bike featured in this post sporting the VO handlebars you mentioned or the Ahearne/MAP Handlebar? The reason I as is that I like the look.